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September, 2015 — Top stories: Changes in our advocacy representation; Upcoming ASMP meeting and consultations at PhotoPlus in New York; Free download The Ultimate Tethering Guide PDF; plus new and updated Member Benefits and more information on September and October webinars.


August, 2015 — Top stories: ASMP Copyright Reform advocacy efforts; Fall National Board on-line meeting call for comments; Business as Unusual resumes in September; plus new and updated Member Benefits and more information on Photo Plus Expo / New York in October.


July, 2015 — Top stories:ASMP engages DC law firm to support advocacy efforts; JPEG Commission Investigates Adding DRM Protection; Registration for Photo Plus Expo is open.


June, 2015 — Top stories: 3rd Annual ASMP Susan Carr Educator Prize awarded; Copyright Office for the Digital Economy Act proposed; FotoFest 2016 deadline.


May, 2015 — Top stories: In anticipation of the first major reform of the Copyright Act since 1976; ASMP National Board to meet in June; Best Of 215 Jurors announced.


April, 2015 — Top stories: National board elects new officers; Director of Communications retires; Best Of 215 call for submissions.


March, 2015 — Top stories: New National Board members elected; ASMP Bulletin publishes first digital-only issue.


February, 2015 — Top stories: Message From the Executive Director; Voting to Begin for ASMP National Board.


January, 2015 — Top stories: Meet Tom Kennedy; Five Candidates Run for ASMP National Board; Renew Your ASMP Membership to Stay Connected; ASMP Bulletin Goes Digital.



December, 2014 — Top stories: Special news issue featuring member work; Meet ASMP's new executive director; Call for national board declarations.


November, 2014 — Top stories: Time to Renew? Do it Now & Stay Connected; Let Us Promote Your Work; Join ASMP for Exclusive Foto Care Gift Card and PhotoShelter Offer.


October, 2014 — Top stories: ASMP Board Selects Next Executive Director; ASMP at Photo Plus Expo; Reluctant to toot your own horn? Let us do it for you!


September, 2014 — Top stories: Best of ASMP 2014 Honorees Announced; ASMP at Photo Plus Expo; Call for Member Work; Mopsik Receives YPA Legend Award


August, 2014 — Top stories: Save the Date for Photo Plus Expo; Executive Director Update; Join ASMP for Exclusive Foto Care Gift Card and PhotoShelter Offer.


July, 2014 — Top stories: ASMP Seeks Candidates for Executive Director Position; New Director Joins ASMP Board; Great Savings on Photo Plus Expo; Get a Foto Care Gift Card & Exclusive PhotoShelter Offer.


June, 2014 — Top stories: Swanson Awarded 2nd Annual ASMP Susan Carr Educator Prize; Join ASMP & get a FotoCare Gift Card.


May, 2014 — Top stories: ASMP's 'Best of 2014' Deadline Extended; McDonald Receives IPC Leadership Award; 3 Reasons to Join ASMP by May 31; ASMP exhibits at the 2014 AIA Convention.


April, 2014 — Top stories: New ASMP Board Officers Named; ASMP's 'Best of' Celebrates 10 Years; 3 Reasons to Join ASMP Now!


March, 2014 — Top stories: Meet the New ASMP Board; Image14 Call for Entries.


February, 2014 — Top stories: McDonald to Receive IPC Leadership Award; Learn More About the ASMP Board Candidates; ASMP's Strictly Business Blog Keeps Pros in the Know.


January, 2014 — Top stories: Board Candidates Announced; ASMP Introduces New e-Learning Series; Have You Renewed Your ASMP Membership Yet?



December, 2013 — Top stories: Bonus for Joining or Renewing; Are You an ASMP Professional?


November, 2013 — Top stories: ASMP Referendum Passes; Time to Renew? Do it Now!


October, 2013 — Top stories: Referendum Voting Has Begun; PPE Coming Up Next Week!


September, 2013 — Top stories: Ninth Annual 'Best of ASMP' 2013 Selected; ASMP Referendum Process Begins; ASMP's Member Meeting Scheduled


August, 2013 — Top stories: ASMP Issues "The Instagram Papers"; ASMP Announces PhotoPlus Expo Programs; Mopsik Addresses Congressional Committee About Copyright.


July, 2013 — Top stories: Take the InfoTrends Annual Survey; Save the Date for PhotoPlus Expo!


June, 2013 — Top stories: Henry Receives IPC Award; Understand the Terms of Photography Competitions; Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Photography Staff; Philly Chapter Publishes Book.


May, 2013 — Top stories: First Annual ASMP Susan Carr Educator Prize Award Announced; ASMP Plays Key Role at Global Conference


April, 2013 — Top stories: New Membership Categories Proposed; ASMP Executive Board Announced; Copyright Guide Now Available; Best of ASMP 2013 Deadline Coming Up!


March, 2013 — Top stories: New Board Members Elected; Call For Best of ASMP 2013 Entries; ASMP Selects Henry for Leadership Award; And The Winner Is...


February, 2013 — Top stories: There's Still Time to Stay Connected; Read Board Candidate Q&A's; ASMP Supports Lange-Taylor Prize; ASMP Sponsors the PDN Photo Annual


January, 2013 — Top stories: Stay Connected (drawing for Fuji X 10 camera); 2013 National Board Election Coming Up; FAP Expands Specialty Areas


December, 2012 — Top stories: Open declarations for ASMP Board; Stay connected, reconnect, get connected; ACA funding for education and advocacy received; Stock industry changes: ASMP/APA issue statement.


November, 2012 — Top stories: Stay connected, reconnect, get connected; Request for info in ASMP v. Google case.


October, 2012 — Top stories: PDN/Photo Plus Expo Events; ASMP Protests Law Enforcement Behavior; ASMP Bulletin App is Here.


September, 2012 — Top stories: Best of ASMP 2012 Announced; ASMP Symposium to be Live Streamed; Fuji camera winner; PDN/Photo Plus Expo Coming Up.


August, 2012 — Top stories: Special promotion for ChaseJarvisLive; Image12 announces winners; PhotoShelter Presents Luminance 2012; ASMP to Sponsor Lucie Awards.


July, 2012 — Top stories: ASMP Model/Property Release App Launches; Tune in for a special episode of chasejarvisLIVE; 2012 Professional Photographer Survey.


June, 2012 — Top stories: ASMP announces symposium, Sustainable Business Models: Issues & Trends Facing Visual Artists; Help ASMP Support a Great Cause, "Kick It."


May, 2012 — Top stories: ASMP Responds to the Copyright Office; ASMP Plays Key Role at CEPIC Congress; New ASMP Book Coming Soon.


April, 2012 — Top stories: FAP Facebook page now live; Help ASMP respond to the Copyright Office; Image12 call for entries; Save the date — Sustainable Business Models symposium, Sept 27.


March, 2012 — Top stories: Last chance to vote; Best of ASMP 2012 accepting entries; Cavanaugh selected for leadership award.


February, 2012 — Top stories: ASMP Expands Programs at WPPI, FotoFest, SPE, NAB, PSPF and CEPIC; ASMP 2012 Voting Begins.


January, 2012 — Top stories: Google Asks Court to Rule Against ASMP; ASMP to Participate in NAB Show; 2012 Elections Coming Up; Invites You to Find, Share, Follow.