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ASMP Symposium

ASMP Symposium by Meg Dibley

Author: Meg Dibley


Three words... "cultivate, your, vision." This phrase became a mantra during the ASMP Sustainable Business Models Symposium in New York. Several panelists presented a variety of ways to accomplish this goal. Whether photographers should be channeling efforts into asserting their "authority" on a subject, optimize the heck out of your brand's reach on every social networking platform known to man or simply practice hiring extra hands to market yourself as a "partner" rather than a one man shop with a fancy camera… all roads lead to Rome that morning in the Times Center. I was inspired not only by listening to the lively discussion on stage, but participating in chats as well. The SBM symposium provided an unique opportunity to meet and mingle with industry players from across the board. From ASMP national leaders to industry high-ups to fellow photogs, the opportunities for making connections were endless. I left feeling inspired, ready to implement sustainable business strategies and excited to follow up with my new friends.